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Nurse Mapping Search Tool
Use the new Nurse Mapping Search Tool to quickly find the number of nurses licensed to practice in Michigan within a 30- or 50-mile radius of an entered address. View results by nurse type or for all nurses, in 5- or 15-year age groups. The tool uses 2020 data.


Step 1 is to use the search bar to enter an address of interest. Step 2 prompts the user to click the exclamation symbol in the left bottom corner to pull up a menu of options.Step 3 indicates the user to click on the pinpoint symbol to draw a point of interest on the address. Step 4 indicates the tabs available along the bottom of the screen. The tabs will show the number of nurses within a buffered area of the selected address. The user can adjust the buffer distance to up to 50 miles. There is also a download option if the user clicks the cloud with an arrow.

Search Tool