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The data presented here were obtained from the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing and include all nurses who were registered to practice in Michigan. Historically, Michigan nurses were required to renew their license every two years no later than March 31st of the year their license expires. As such, each dataset included a cohort of nurses with newly renewed licenses and a cohort of nurses with licenses that are a year old. It is important to note that each dataset includes nurses who may not choose to renew their license when it expires. After renewal in March 2019, the renewal date will change to the initial licensure date. Anyone applying for licensure since 2017 has their initial licensure date as the renewal date.

Data are organized below such that trend data are presented first, followed by detailed maps and figures depicting the distributions by state and age for each licensure dataset.

Michigan Trends
Number and Rate of Michigan Licensed Nurses; 2004-2023

State and Age Distributions
2023 Licensure Data
2022 Licensure Data
2021 Licensure Data
2020 Licensure Data
2019 Licensure Data
2017 Licensure Data
2016 Licensure Data
2015 Licensure Data
2014 Licensure Data
2013 Licensure Data
2012 Licensure Data
2011 Licensure Data
2010 Licensure Data
2009 Licensure Data

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