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Like much of the country, Michigan is experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals, and the nursing shortage is expected to continue to 2030. Current predictions estimate that by 2015, the shortfall may exceed 18,000 in Michigan. Nursing shortages are expected to become more severe as the Michigan's aging population requires more healthcare. This web site is designed to track the number of nurses across Michigan and identify areas with the greatest need for nurses.

This website focuses on data obtained from the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions and includes all nurses who are currently licensed to practice in Michigan. This website provides information that illustrates the distribution of nurses in Michigan, both in absolute numbers and relative to the State’s population distribution. Information regarding the age distribution of nurses across the state is also included. The information is presented in easy to use maps, tables and charts.


Want to know how many nurses are in your area? Try out the new Nurse Mapping Search Tool located on our Data page or click here for instant access.

Population Change Maps:
Nurse Population Change 2010-2011
Nurse Population Change 2011-2012

Did You Know. . .
Nurses are Michigan's largest licensed healthcare professional group.

Michigan was projected to have an RN shortage of 7,000 by 2010. Michigan has increased its licensed RN's by 10,000 since 2005. We have exceeded the target for meeting the 2010 shortage, but we need to keep working to meet the 2015 predicted RN shortage of 18,000.

The U.S. Department of Labor identified RNs as the #1 occupation expected to provide the greatest number of jobs in the next 10 years.